Adopting From the Shelter

The Big Spring animal shelter is your best resource when looking for a pet.  We strongly encourage individuals to find their next pet at our shelter!  Another advantage to shelter adoptions is that the fees are usually much less than the purchase price of an animal from a pet store or breeder.  See available animals in our Adoptable Animals Photo Gallery.

Waiting for Just the Right One

Don't be discouraged if, when you first visit the shelter, there are no animals of the breed or type that you want.  The shelter receives new animals every day. 

Adoption Fee

$45-$75 this includes the city registration fee, rabies vaccination, and micro-chipping of your pet. 
Download an Adoption Application

Rescue Groups

There is a hold placed on animals that are picked up by Animal Control to give an opportunity for the animal to be claimed by its owner(s).  After the holding period has expired, the animal is available for adoption.  The animal shelter works with various rescue groups to find homes for the animals.  
adoptable dogs
adoptable cats