Animal Noise and Nuisance Complaints

Residents, whether living in an urban, suburban or city, are expected to tolerate reasonable amount of noise including, barking dogs or other animals, without complaint, but when an animal creates a public nuisance to a level that violates state law or city ordinances, you may:

  • Communicate with the owner(s)/offender regarding the issue. Often, neighborly communication may be the best tool in trying to resolve problem.
  • Talk to the surrounding neighbors regarding your concern and see how they feel about the situation then let the owner(s)/offender know that the excessive or continuous noises disturb you, and try to find a mutually agreeable or reasonable solution. Remember, as a witness, you are responsible for gathering all necessary evidence (i.e. log of time and date, audio/video tape of nuisance, name of neighbors/witnesses who are disturbed by nuisance, etc.).

Report Public Nuisance

To report an animal creating a public nuisance to the public or to report a stray animal: 
  • Send an email to the Big Spring Animal Control Department or
  • Mail your complaint to the Animal Control Department at 3613 West Highway 80, Big Spring, Texas 79720 or
  • Contact Animal Control at 432-264-2372. For complaints made after hours or on weekends, please contact Police Dispatch at 432-264-2550.
Be sure to include the following information with your complaint:
  • Alleged owner(s)/offender's name, and exact address
  • Date, time, and incident location
  • Description of problem/nuisance (brief description of animal(s) causing noise, type of noise, etc.)
The Animal Control Department will investigate any complaint that a dog or other animal is dangerous based on a sworn statement with particular details concerning the complaint or other reliable information. If it is determined by the Animal Control department that any animal is dangerous and presents substantial danger to the public health, safety and welfare, the animal may be impounded immediately and its Custodian and Owner, if known, shall be promptly notified.

To report an animal creating a danger to the public, contact the Big Spring Animal Control department immediately at 432-264-2372 or after hours and weekends at 432-264-2550.