2013 Star Employees

The Big Spring City Council wishes to give special thanks and recognition to our "Star Employees." Each one of you has proven to be a valuable asset to the City and we congratulate you on a job well done.

February 2013 - Lieutenant Greg Mcalister

Lieutenant McAlister has exhibited an extraordinary amount of pride and drive in his duties with the Big Spring Fire Department. This pride has been made apparent through a recent email from the daughter of a recent EMS patient. On this particular occasion, Lieutenant McAlister went above and beyond his duties. Not only did he treat the patient with care, he kept the patient's daughter updated on his condition while transporting him to a specialty hospital. After the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Lieutenant McAlister continued to update the daughter while she was on her way to meet them.

March 2013 - Abram Aguilar & Adolfo Salazar

Our "March 2013 Stars" are Utility Service Workers, Abram Aguilar and Adolfo Salazar. When a local Big Spring resident was experiencing problems with a water leak, Mr. Aguilar and Mr. Salazar were kind enough to go out of their way to help. Mr. Aguilar and Mr. Salazar were able to locate the source of the water leak and repair it in a very timely manner. Not only did they fix a long-standing problem, they also treated the resident with the utmost respect and courtesy.

April 2013 - Ray Bryant

Our "April 2013 Star" is Ray Bryant, Sanitation Truck Driver. As a Sanitation Driver, it is not uncommon to come across trash cans overturned by the constant winds we experience in Big Spring. On one certain occasion, a Big Spring resident witnessed Mr. Bryant leave his sanitation truck, right their trash can, empty it, and kindly place it on the sidewalk. According to the resident, Mr. Bryant "exemplified the word ‘service' by correcting what the winds had created."

May 2013 - Sergent Brian Gordon & Detective Amie Soles

The Big Spring City Council wishes to give special thanks and recognition to our "May Star Employees," Sergent Brian Gordon and Amie Soles. On a daily basis, Sergent Gordon and Detective Soles must face situations demanding that their detective skills be utilized. During a routine investigation., Sergent Gordon and Detective Soles were tasked with recovering some lost property, namely a computer. According to a representative from a national device recovery software company, Sergent Gordon and Detective Soles "investigative diligence and skills closed the case."

July 2013 - Lieutenant Steve Davenport, Jordan Barron, Cole Davis, Grant Dixon

Our "July Star Employees" are all members of the Big Spring Fire Department: Lieutenant Steve Davenport and firefighters Jordan Barron, Cole Davis and Grant Dixon. On March 16, 2013, Lieutenant Davenport, along with these firefighters responded to a call involving a mechanic who was complaining of blurred vision, shortness of breath and tingling/numbness in his arm. Lieutenant Davenport and his team arrived on the scene very quickly and proceeded to act in a professional manner as they tended to the ailing mechanic.

August 2013 - Corporal Daniel Reynoso

Our "August Star Employee" is Corporal Daniel Reynoso of the Big Spring Police Department. On Friday, June 14, 2013, Corporal Reynoso performed a routine patrol of the Big Spring Mall. During the patrol, he came upon several minors loitering outside the entrance to the mall. Corporal Reynoso spoke to the minors, monitored their behavior, and even offered his cell phone so they could call for rides home. Even after being confronted by some less-than-respectful minors and parents, Corporal Reynoso maintained a calm and professional attitude. According to a citizen's letter to the editor in our local newspaper, Corporal Daniel Reynoso is a "class act."