Landfill Permit - Private Collectors

Anyone desiring a permit to bring municipal solid waste into the landfill from outside the City limits should submit an application to the City Manager. The application should contain the following:
  • The name and address of the applicant.
  • The trade name under which the applicant does or proposes to do business.
  • The number of vehicles to be used in said business
  • Whether or not the applicant has been convicted of the violation of any national, state or municipal law.
  • Whether or not the applicant or any person with whom he has been associated or employed has a claim or judgement against him or damages resulting from the negligent operation of a vehicle.
  • The financial ability and responsibility of the applicant; must demonstrate the ability to respond to damages in the event of damage to persons or damage to property by reason of the negligent operation of a vehicle on the streets or public thoroughfares of the city.
  • The nature and character of the service the applicant proposes to render
  • The experience he has had in rendering said service
  • Patrons for whom he proposes to render this service and any other information the City Manager may require.
Applicants will not be issued a permit unless a complete list showing the names of all of his/her customers has been furnished to the city. Any addition or deletion of customers after the permit h as been issued must be promptly reported to the City Manager. Failure to do so will be grounds for revocation of the permit.


The fee for a Private Collector permit is $500 for each vehicle the applicant uses in his/her business. This fee is payable in advance of the permit's issuance and cannot be prorated. Permit holders will also be required to pay a dumping fee of $46.92 per ton and other surcharges as required.